Monday, November 09, 2009

When we went to Kroger last week the kids got a lot of stickers. Eli put them all on himself and then on the kitchen table. Jenny later went and took them off the table and put them on herself! Ha!!!

Putting them back on the table!
Here we have our crown, again! She loves these!
Oh, hi Mommy!

Jenny discovered that it can be fun to sit in a laundry basket!
Time to try and climb out.

Let's try this way!
I don't like you anymore!
Eli's delivery truck!

I love how they're all lined up!
Yep! I'm five!!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Catching Up!!

As usual, I am behind on my blog posting. Here are some pictures from the end of October and beginning of November.

Eli wanted to help me carve a pumpkin! He did really good helping clean out the inside of the pumpkin and punch out the pieces I had cut. He did not like trying to separate the seeds. He said it was "disgusting!!"

Halloween started off at the mall because it was raining. Here's my cowboy and his cowgirl!
Grame and Eli
Cousin Jolie and Eli
We didn't last long at the mall. It was sooooo crowded. So, here we are getting wet!!
We ran into Emi and Kenzie!!

All of his loot!
Eli's birthday party was on the 1st at Premier Athletics! He had a blast and so did all of his friends! The great thing about his party was that is was fun for all ages! A definite thumbs up!!
Jenny just stayed on this tumbling trampoline the whole time bouncing back and forth! It was so cute!
Power Rangers!
And, here is his amazing cake that Uncle Chris made! I think this is his best one, yet!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Isle of Palms-Last Day

Well, since Jenny was bored of the beach, we hit some different things on Friday. We started the day with going to Fort Moultrie. It was a fort that was used to protect the Charleston Harbor during the Civil War and WWII.

There were lots of canons, and Eli just had to sit on all of them!

Can you see Jenny underneath this one?
If there is ever a chance to climb, Eli will take it!
Apparently, so will Jenny!
Daddy helping Eli down!

After a nap and some lunch, we went to a fire house museum. Eli was in heaven! Here he is in a fire truck simulator where you feel like you are actually riding in a real fire truck!

This isn't a good picture, but it gives you a look at the outside of the simulator!
Sliding down the fire pole!
Doesn't Jenny look thrilled!
Time to drive the simulator!

This was a typical scene at restaurants. Jenny is not the best restaurant patron!
Eli, on the other hand, is great at restaurants!
Well, that's out trip! We had a wonderful time, but are glad to be home! Thank you, Lord, for providing for us so we could spend this week together!